Forget the Flowers – Clean Your Way Into This Tired Mother’s Heart

I was stopped dead in my tracks by the sight that greeted me in our living room recently.

While I took our daughter to gymnastics, The Hubster surprised me by taking down the Christmas tree, packing away all the decorations (even carefully boxing up our miniature Christmas village!) and….wait for it…..vacuuming the fake pine needles on the living room carpet.

Well, shiver me timbers, now THAT is the way to this tired mother’s heart!

“You have no idea how happy this makes me,” I said, giving him a big hug.

“Are you crying?” he says.

“I’m just a little weepy,” I said, squeezing him harder.

Yep, few things have the power to make me swoon more than The Hubster spontaneously cleaning or organizing.

Parenthood has completely changed my idea of romance of course. A “Before Kids” Valentine’s Day involved detailed planning, a nice restaurant, dress-up clothes, red roses and lengthy love notes handwritten on delicate pink stationary.

An “After Kids” Valentine’s Day involves, um, not much. The Hubster and I made a pact that we just don’t make a big deal about this manufactured holiday. We’re working parents of two young kids. Sorry, we’d rather just take a nap and save our money to spend in other ways.

Instead, we try to find other ways to be thoughtful and to show our love. What makes my heart go pitter-patter nowadays:

  • The Hubster trudged through thick woods and driving rain for two days to find and rescue our lost Beagle.
  • He routinely sneaks out of bed early on Sunday morning to drive to Tim’s to bring me my beloved steeped tea.
  • He taught himself how to make Michael Smith’s fabulous pancakes and whips up a batch for the girls on Sunday mornings while I sit back and enjoy my tea.
  • He always ties the girls’ skates.
  • He watches Sunday night football – even the Super Bowl – on the small, old tv so that I can watch Downton Abbey on the larger, flat screen.
  • He makes the girls’ lunches every night.
  • He does the dishes without being asked.
  • He takes the dog out every day for BOTH her early morning and her late-night bathroom breaks.

Oh swoon! It’s almost enough to make me forget about the time he gave me 200 Post-It Notes shaped like a hand that say, “Talk to the Hand” for my birthday.


Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s hoping I get a lovely nap!

Li’l Girl Talk

“’For my hot wife!’ Ha! Imagine Daddy giving that to you!” says The Oldest, age 10, browsing the Valentine’s Day cards at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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