Motherhood Is a Blur – Not a Glow

I spent some time recently surfing a new website dedicated to stylish mommies and their children. Launched by two childless New York-based magazine staffers, The Glow ( features beautiful photographs of beautiful fashion/style insiders and their adorable children.

While some of the mothers admit to problems such as painful nipples during breastfeeding, sleepless nights and guilt about going back to work, The Glow portrays an idyllic image of motherhood.

My suggestion for a more suitable name for a website about motherhood: The Blur.

The Glow: The Glow is a glimpse into the world of inspiring and fashionable moms.
The Blur: The Blur is a glimpse into the world of one less-than-perfect Quispamsis mom.

On Maternity Style:

The Glow: “I hardly got any maternity clothes, only J Brand skinny jeans which I wore every day.”

The Blur: “I wore XXXL (Yes, that’s triple extra large) men’s grey and black gym shorts from Walmart, the only item that would fit over my swollen belly and legs.

On Childbirth:

The Glow: “I wanted to feel it, and the pain is not as bad as you’re led to believe.”

The Blur: “I love you.” What I said to the doctor who administered my epidural.

On Post-Pregnancy Weight:

The Glow: “I bounced back really quickly after giving birth. Two weeks later I was one pound more than I was before I got pregnant.”

The Blur: “When are you due?” a man asked me THREE years after my youngest daughter was born.

On Marriage:

The Glow: “My tip for balancing motherhood and marriage: Agent Provocateur.”

The Blur: “My tip for balancing motherhood and marriage:  Never allowing my husband to see my post-baby body in anything made by Agent Provocateur.”

On Children’s Style:

The Glow: “I must mix up my children’s wardrobe and daily look—I would never dress them in all one brand. My absolute necessity is Bonton in Paris, Bon Marche for some pop color accessories, Crewcuts for cashmere layers, Timberland for boots, and for the rest, I go on a scavenger hunt for pieces all over the city to add a bit of humor.

The Blur: “Do you think your hair is long enough to cover that tomato sauce stain I can’t get out on the front of your shirt?”

On Beauty after Baby:

The Glow: “I’ve stopped putting mascara on my bottom lashes, and I think it makes me look slightly less tired. And instead of manicures, I get gels, which last two weeks.”

The Blur: “I’m wearing a nursing bra with open flaps underneath an XL Superstore t-shirt with nipple cream stains on the front, no make-up, my hair pulled back into a ponytail.”

On Motherhood:

The Glow: “The most surprising thing about being a mother (that no one tells you) is that it’s harder than it looks.”

The Blur:  “Come to my house at supper time on the Monday after the March Break and a time change. Then nothing about motherhood will surprise you.”

L’il Girl Talk

“I’m not allowed to watch that. The girl sprays whipped cream from her bra,” says The Oldest, age 8, when her Dad played her a Katy Perry song on YouTube.


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